I’m currently doing a research piece on motivated staff. For me the success of a business, is all about the people.

As Richard Branson says in his book “Like a Virgin”:
The key to success in three words is “People, People, People”

If you have all the right skills within the business, but the staff are not motivated… what use is that! Sounds like a lot of smart people, to make some big headaches.

For me motivated staff comes first, with the required skills coming  in on a close second.

These articles contain some great ideas around how to find motivated candidates:-


But thats not the end of the story. This ongoing project within the business is to maintain motivation. This isn’t something that will look after itsself…. Ooooo NO! Not on your nelly. Leaders and workforce need to engage in maintaining a healthy energy and vibrancy throughout the organisation.

But if you want motivated staff… then hire motivated staff!

(Photo credit: Neal. / Foter / CC BY)