How can you make meetings more interesting and engaging?

OR even fun?… is this possible!?

Surely meetings are about:-

  • Wasting valuable business time.
  • Listening to L…O…N… G conversations about aspects of the business that have no relevance to your own work.
  • Or just plain there to suck the last little bit of life out of you, before you are sent back to your desk to get on with your work.

Yup! Most meetings are too long, unproductive and just wander around all-over the shop leaving you dejected.

Take a look at this for an interesting approach to meetings. My people, meet the Conference Bike!


Conference Bike
The Conference Bike at Google

The bike is made by this company:-

I don’t know about you, but I would love to work for a company that has a refreshing enough approach to buy one (or two) of these. Who knows, we may even start to enjoy meetings. Now that would be an encouraging start.

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