It seems strange how we are so surprised when our lives take a huge turn. Something, or someone crashes into our life. Sometimes for the worst… sometimes for the better.

If we stop for a second and really think about it, what should really surprise us is that we are surprised by it. I’m not trying to see how many times I can use the word “surprise” in this article (there! I got another one in ;-) lol). Anyway…I hope you come to the same conclusion as me… The fact is that ….

“Change is the only constant”

Everything is in a constant flux of change. Nothing, and no one really stays still. Nothing stays the same.

Whatever the change is… I invite you to drop the resistance to it. Embrace it. Explore it. Take from it something that makes you different and better. Let the change seep into you, and change you.

We are in flux…  we always will be! Be a conscious part of that. And make conscious choices out of it. There is much wisdom in saying “Change is the only constant”. I invite you to really live it.