Picture this…  An actor appears on the stage in-front of a large audience… steps into the lime-light at the centre of the stage. And suddenly declares the question, “What is Love!?“.

What would the answers from the audience be? I bet the answers would be varied, and maybe even contradictory.

Mandy Len Catron’s talk

The TEDx speech below by Mandy Len Catron is interesting. As a coach, I know (and many of you know this too) that the language we use to describe something has a powerful implication on our approach it. This goes for “Love” as well. Mandy in her speech puts it eloquently. I personally was quite shocked to see the way love is portrayed in our western culture through our language. I’ve used the same language without realising it. But worst of all without being aware of the implications of doing so.

I love … (as you can see I can’t help using the word in my writing) … how Mandy describes it : “A collaborative work of Art”.


If I may share what my desired interpretation of love is, it is encapsulated by one word “Contentment

(Source: Google 10.01.2017)

How would you describe it?

But that’s just my interpretation. Whats your interpretation? Write it down, and then watch the video above. Maybe you’ll be as shocked as I was. I call on you to be more aware of the language you use around this precious word. It represents something powerful and much sought after. It deserves our respect and kindness.

(Photo credit: Foter.com / CC0)