The situation

Mrs. D is stuck in a career that is unfulfilling, life zapping, working in a highly dysfunctional department… But! it pays the bills. Previously her career had been a success with some great public achievements. However over the years, a series of decisions and life events, lead Mrs. D to job that holds no future promise. If anything its soul destroying unappreciated work. If that wasn’t bad enough, the department and people she works with are a whirlwind of ego battles, topped with a thick layer of blame culture. Mrs. D has lost her confidence and drive to do anything.

The coaching

A number of avenues and subjects were explored:-

  • Exploration of Mrs. D’s values.
  • Defining the activities and skills that get her excited and engaged?
  • If there was no limitations, defining what their goals and desires would be (in a career context).
  • Creating visualisations around their some of the negative thinking, and naming them.
  • Forming a full image of what their perfect self would be like.
  • Exploring the avenues that were available to her.
  • Creating actions that drew her away from negative focus on the job, and actually doing work they enjoyed (outside of the work environment).
  • Creating action around find a new job. i.e. getting out into the job market and looking for a job that would start fulfilling her long term goals.
  • Addressing and calling out negative self-talk.

The conclusion

Mrs. D has progressed to actively looking for new work. She has a clear idea of where her desires are and the things she is good at, i.e. her strengths. There is a different outlook present now. She is also starting to do the things she enjoyed and loved. This is mainly outside of the work environment, involving herself in hobbies that practice skills that will be needed in her desired job. Mrs. D feels like she is now moving in a direction, and one that is providing a sense of fulfilment.