A huge Win for my client

“I have 2 hours every day freed up now”

That’s what a client just said. Wow!
When I related back to them, that’s like an extra day, there was a huge realisation how improving the quality of leadership in the business can make a massive difference.

One of the common things that comes up with a lot for business owners (my clients), is they don’t have time to do the things that are important to the business, and sadly also don’t have enough time to have a life.

Today was an example how coaching brought about:

  • an effective awareness of problems in the business
  • accountability to make that change
  • learning about their thinking that was at the root of that problem

This has had a real impact on the quality of life of the business owner, and the business itself. In this case it was around effective delegation of duties to capable staff.

So to iterate again. This is saving my client 2 hours in the day!!! That’s equivalent to a whole working day!

The wins are:-

  • My client has more time to spend on the business direction and strategy
  • The staff member is happier and more engaged due to their new responsibly.
    They are happier being involved and are looking out for the businesses wellbeing.
  • And the nicest thing for my client (and me to hear) is they can spend some of that time at home with their family

If you could regain an entire day in the week. What would you do with that extra time.