Looking for adventurous entrepreneurial and business clients
(Limited number of slots at reduced rates available during certification)

As you may or may not know, my name is TC.
I am in certification and offering my time, energy and passion to serve entrepreneurial and business clients to achieve their goals. I extend the definition of my ideal client to people in business, or leadership roles, that are courageous and ready to try something new.

You may have been pondering for far too long about pushing the boundaries of who you are, or itching to shift things up a gear.
I offer you my passion to really fight for what you (my client) want. I stand firmly with you to make it happen.

But firstly I have to state that I am very particular about who my clients are.
I wish to work with good, compassionate people that want to make a difference. People that see leadership in their project or organisation as an opportunity to create other ‘good’ leaders.
If you are focussed solely on money, and shallow sentiments of success, I will only go as far as wishing you well.
I also request clients to fully show up (in the fullest sense) to the coaching program. You as my ideal client are ready to be open, ready to explore and take action during and in between coaching sessions. Failure in this will lead to termination of the coaching program.

If you fit the bill, and want to accelerate the journey on the path to what you want, please drop me a line on tctcgill.com
We can set-up a 30 minute sample session to see if we are compatible. As you know, for a good coaching relationship it’s important that I am right for you.

Are you ready to work with someone with infectious energy, passion and fearlessness to achieve what you want? … Then hurry. I have limited number of slots for clients that fit the bill.

Love and engage the potential of who you are, or let life flash by…

TC Gill Coaching

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