When you started out on your journey as a business leader, you were probably innovative and had a clear set of personal goals that drove you forward.

Over time the traits that helped start your journey may have become swamped with firefighting and day to day procedures. Has that fantastic vision you were heading for become cloudy and fallen out of sight?

Do you want to take hold of that vision again?
Do you feel excited at the idea of re-lighting the fire that first started your business? If so, how do you do this? Let me introduce myself. My company is called TC Gill Coaching and I am an Associate Coach of The Coaching Experience. I work with established business owners running companies with six to eight figure turnovers.

How would we work together to achieve your goals?
We would start by focussing on the key factor that’s going to create further success in your business and life – YOU! Using a unique combination of business coaching & technology, I clearly identify how YOU operate. And thus how your business operates. I help business leaders grow and thrive, so that their businesses can grow and thrive… faster and bigger.

“I help business leaders grow and thrive, so that their businesses can grow and thrive”

Through our unique Business Leadership Profiling tool, together we will identify what’s currently working well and, most importantly, what’s not! I then use this information to create key coaching targets that shift you to high performance leadership. We will work together to turn your business into a “High Performing Business”

With over 20 years of experience working in industry I have developed an understanding and passion for how businesses can create productive and energised work environments.

“frustrations that go with a growing business.”

Like many business leaders I imagine you have issues such as:

  • a lot of frustrations that go with a growing business.
  • lack of awareness within the business around ongoing issues.
  • and finally, lack of action around that awareness to address those issues.

Through my unique combination of tools and coaching, we work with you to address these.
In fact, ultimately, what it all boils down to – and what I feel you really want – is to have a great lifestyle.

I continuously hear from business leaders:

  • “I want to kick back a bit”
  • “I want more time to myself”
  • “I just want my people to get the job done”

But you still want a growing business and somehow be less hands on. In my experience there’s a lot I can do with you.

Together we can:

  • raise the awareness around how you operate
  • develop new strategies around the people within your business
  • refine the work environment to enable your people to be more productive

“productive, profitable and positive”

My vision is ultimately to increase the creativity and profitability, and well-being of your business, for the betterment of both the business itself and the people within it.
Thus creating a win/win opportunity for everyone involved.

Businesses can be productive, profitable and positive places.

By using my unique combination of business coaching, and technology (Business Leadership Profile) I enhance businesses – and I get results – using the assets and people you already have.

To find out more about TC Gill Coaching and how I can help you to improve your business, contact me on tc@tcgill.com / 07977007350 to arrange a free, informal discussion about what I do, how it works and how it can apply to you and your business.

Certified Professional Co-Active Coach

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Sean MacEntee via Foter.com / CC BY