I bet most of you are in your comfort zones. You may think you are living in your comfort zones! … but its not really living! Whats really happening is you’re running a series of habits and behaviors, and kind of sleeping walking through life. Like a zombie… but not scary, and ?[kind]? of alive.

Comfort zones don’t necessarily have to be places where you feel good and happy either! Nope they can actually be places where you are bored, fed up, uncomfortable and asking repetitive questions on what you could be doing.

So take a look at this lovely diagram¬†below that I drew up (it took me ages). The aim is to show you the value of coaching, and what it can do. It can actually jump start up your life again. It’s a cure to the Zombie virus. ¬†I know! I’ve cured many a zombies. And to add, I used to be one too.

So to step through the diagram:-

  1. That’s you!
  2. The circle is your comfort zone (where zombies live).
  3. This is where LIFE really is (outside your comfort zone… no zombies allowed here)
  4. Lets bounce you out and start living that super life you have been gifted with.


Coaching gets you out of your comfort zone and gets you living again