Coaching Packages

The reason why people work with me

There is a reason why people work with me to achieve their goals. These are: –

  • I help them get clear on what they want
  • I get them into action
  • I keep them going when things get tough
    (… and we have fun while doing it!)

In short I deliver value!

That’s why clients consistently extend their coaching programs and refer me to their friends, families and professional associates. I bring enormous value to my clients lives. Whether that be through their personal life, their professional career or their business goals.

It’s simple. I create lasting change for you. I motivate, create options and then hold you accountable to achieve what you need. And if you hit a block. We work together to keep you moving forward.
This is my skill. This is my gift. I have the skills, knowledge and presence to make it happen.

Coaching Packages

To achieve your goals, I design bespoke coaching programs for my clients. The design and pricing is based on your circumstances and what you need.

Drop me an email ( to arrange a time to discuss your situation and aspirations. We will create a program exactly designed for you, so that you can start achieving the things that you want. Let’s talk and get things going. Don’t put it off. Start living the life you want.

"Let’s talk
Let's get things going
 Don’t put it off
Start living the life you want"

Note: Some things to know

  • Coaching is performed over the phone, so location is not a problem.
  • All coaching sessions shall be paid in advance before we start coaching.
    • If payment of the lump sum is an issue, please contact me to discuss options (
    • If for any reason the coaching comes to a suitable and agreed conclusion (or in the unlikely event that the coaching is not effective), remaining coaching session fee’s will be returned.
  • I require all my clients to take responsibility and ‘show up’ to the coaching program. By this, I don’t just mean calling in promptly at the agreed time. But also ‘show up’ to engage in the coaching process fully and follow through on agreed actions.  I am here to shift your thinking and create traction in your life (or business) for what you want. I don’t accept clients wasting their money or my time. Brutal? We are here to do big work, I will show up to the coaching fully engaged and ready to do great work… I expect clients to show up with the same intention.

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